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Packages that use BaseMatcher
org.hamcrest The stable API defining Matcher and its associated interfaces and classes. 
org.hamcrest.beans Matchers of Java Bean properties and their values. 
org.hamcrest.collection Matchers of arrays and collections. 
org.hamcrest.core Fundamental matchers of objects and values, and composite matchers. 
org.hamcrest.number Matchers that perform numeric comparisons. 
org.hamcrest.object Matchers that inspect objects and classes. 
org.hamcrest.text Matchers that perform text comparisons. 
org.hamcrest.xml Matchers of XML documents. 

Uses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest

Subclasses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest
 class CustomMatcher<T>
          Utility class for writing one off matchers.
 class CustomTypeSafeMatcher<T>
          Utility class for writing one off matchers.
 class DiagnosingMatcher<T>
          TODO(ngd): Document.
 class FeatureMatcher<T,U>
          Supporting class for matching a feature of an object.
 class TypeSafeDiagnosingMatcher<T>
          Convenient base class for Matchers that require a non-null value of a specific type and that will report why the received value has been rejected.
 class TypeSafeMatcher<T>
          Convenient base class for Matchers that require a non-null value of a specific type.

Uses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.beans

Subclasses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.beans
 class HasProperty<T>
          A Matcher that checks that an object has a JavaBean property with the specified name.
 class HasPropertyWithValue<T>
          Matcher that asserts that a JavaBean property on an argument passed to the mock object meets the provided matcher.
 class SamePropertyValuesAs<T>
static class SamePropertyValuesAs.PropertyMatcher

Uses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.collection

Subclasses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.collection
 class IsArray<T>
          Matcher for array whose elements satisfy a sequence of matchers.
 class IsArrayContaining<T>
          Matches if an array contains an item satisfying a nested matcher.
 class IsArrayContainingInAnyOrder<E>
 class IsArrayContainingInOrder<E>
 class IsArrayWithSize<E>
          Matches if array size satisfies a nested matcher.
 class IsCollectionWithSize<E>
          Matches if collection size satisfies a nested matcher.
 class IsEmptyCollection<E>
          Tests if collection is empty.
 class IsEmptyIterable<E>
          Tests if collection is empty.
 class IsIn<T>
 class IsIterableContainingInAnyOrder<T>
 class IsIterableContainingInOrder<E>
 class IsIterableWithSize<E>
 class IsMapContaining<K,V>

Uses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.core

Subclasses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.core
 class AllOf<T>
          Calculates the logical conjunction of multiple matchers.
 class AnyOf<T>
          Calculates the logical disjunction of multiple matchers.
 class CombinableMatcher<T>
 class DescribedAs<T>
          Provides a custom description to another matcher.
 class Every<T>
 class Is<T>
          Decorates another Matcher, retaining the behaviour but allowing tests to be slightly more expressive.
 class IsAnything<T>
          A matcher that always returns true.
 class IsCollectionContaining<T>
 class IsEqual<T>
          Is the value equal to another value, as tested by the Object.equals(java.lang.Object) invokedMethod?
 class IsInstanceOf
          Tests whether the value is an instance of a class.
 class IsNot<T>
          Calculates the logical negation of a matcher.
 class IsNull<T>
          Is the value null?
 class IsSame<T>
          Is the value the same object as another value?
 class StringContains
          Tests if the argument is a string that contains a substring.
 class StringEndsWith
          Tests if the argument is a string that contains a substring.
 class StringStartsWith
          Tests if the argument is a string that contains a substring.
 class SubstringMatcher

Uses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.number

Subclasses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.number
 class BigDecimalCloseTo
 class IsCloseTo
          Is the value a number equal to a value within some range of acceptable error?
 class OrderingComparison<T extends Comparable<T>>

Uses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.object

Subclasses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.object
 class HasToString<T>
 class IsCompatibleType<T>
 class IsEventFrom
          Tests if the value is an event announced by a specific object.

Uses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.text

Subclasses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.text
 class IsEmptyString
          Matches empty Strings (and null).
 class IsEqualIgnoringCase
          Tests if a string is equal to another string, regardless of the case.
 class IsEqualIgnoringWhiteSpace
          Tests if a string is equal to another string, ignoring any changes in whitespace.
 class StringContainsInOrder

Uses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.xml

Subclasses of BaseMatcher in org.hamcrest.xml
 class HasXPath
          Applies a Matcher to a given XML Node in an existing XML Node tree, specified by an XPath expression.